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PFFDH12500 – Fuel Dispensing Element

Protect your investment at the source. As the water adsorbent media swells it gradually cuts off the fuel flow signalling the necessity for an element change. Top quality filtration for both petrol and diesel, this combination provides the best value for fuel delivery applications. Providing a maximum flow rate of 189 litres per minute, it meets most delivery filtration needs.
Ethanol/methanol blended fuels can be used with reduced service intervals.
Element and head sold separately.

Racor Filter Specification:

  • Filter model number: PFFDH12500

  • Filter application: Bulk Diesel Storage Filters

  • Maximum flow rate: 3000 GPH (11356 LPH)

  • Maximum pressure: 100 PSI (689.6 kPa)

  • Port size: 1.25 inch NPT

  • Number of ports: 2

  • Nominal micron rating: 25

  • Replacement element: PFFDW51125

  • Water sensor options:

  • Height: Filter and element height

  • Depth: use 13.5 cm

  • Width: 13.5 cm

  • Fitting options:

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