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230R10 Marine Diesel Fuel Filter

The 230R10 is a very compact high flow 10 micron pre filter. It has a clear bowl as a base to easily identify contamination and has a port ready to take a water sensor kit if required. Suits diesels up to approximately 100Hp and comes standard with a manual fuel primer.

Racor Filter Specification:

  • Filter model number: 230R10

  • Filter application: Marine Diesel Fuel Filter

  • Maximum flow rate: 114 lph / 30 gph

  • Maximum pressure: 30 PSI

  • Port size: 1/4 inch NPT

  • Number of ports: 3

  • Nominal micron rating: 10

  • Replacement element: R20T

  • Water sensor options: RK12870 12v or RK12871 24v

  • Height: 165mm

  • Depth: 81mm

  • Width: 81mm

  • Fitting options: Straight 3/8 inch tail, 951-N4-H6

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